Thomas Henry Pelc



Mobile visitors(iPhone,etc.) MUST CLICK ON “Ignore this” IN THE BELOW “AD” TO REMOVE IT, TO SEE MY SONG BOX=

Then, please click on “Storein  box : 

(Profile    “Store”    Calendar)  you’ll finally see the drop down list of my songs. 

 You can listen for free or download music!

Click small arrowhead button on left of song  to just listen or hit Free(HD) to download.                           

(MP3 for iPhone, etc, or WAV single to burn to CD)

**Special thanks to: Stephanie Sieggen (Sieggen Productions), Max Berry (Berry Music Group), and Dan Prindle (Prindle Music Group ,LLC) for all their help with, arrangements, harmonies, etc.  on  completion of these rough demos.


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