Thomas Henry Pelc



I was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Connecticut. I wrote my first song at 13 years of age, but didn’t really start writing songs in earnest, until I was older. I served in the USMC (1965-1968), and then graduated from college(BS-Psychology), at  Bay State University in Hayward, California.       I’am now retired, and spend time on my songs, etc.

I want to thank, Stephanie Sieggen (Sieggen Productions), Max Berry(Berry Music Group), and Dan Prindle (Prindle Music Group, LLC), for all their help with the completion of these Demos, harmonies, arrangements etc.

Please go to the my Music page to listen to my songs. If viewing this on your  iPhone, mobile device, you to must click on “ignore this” to remove the “AD” box , then on the Music page, you will need to click on “Store” to see my song list.

“Store” is located in my  lower box on the “Music page”,  top right- next to my name, you’ll see :        Profile   Store  Calendar       – Click on “Store” to see song list.

Hit  small arrow head button” on left side of song,  to just play song for Free. You can also download for free, by clicking on “Free(HD)”. 

Use- (MP3 for iphone, iPad, etc. or click ” WAV single” to burn song to CD).

I hope you enjoy my songs at this site. They are rough demos, looking for a publisher or artist who can help me take them to the next level.

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