Thomas Henry Pelc



I was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Connecticut. I wrote my first song at 13 years of age, but didn’t really start writing songs in earnest, until I was older. I served in the military, and then graduated from college,  at  Bay State University in Hayward, California.  I’am now retired, and spend time on my songs, etc.

I  also have a radio show at Whus,Storrs. The show has been on the air since the late 1990’s. You can hear my radio show every Sunday afternoon from 12-2PM. The show is a tribute to the great American Songbook with the singers from the Big Band days, up through today, with the songs of George Gershwin,Cole Porter, etc. The show is called “When The Melody’s Right” with my DJ name being “Thomas Henry”. You can hear me at 91.7 FM in CT or stream the show on the web at

I hope you also enjoy my songs at this site. They are rough demos, looking for a publisher or artist who can help me take them to the next level.


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