I truly believe that once a song is released, it takes on a life of it’s own! If you’re a recording artist or a music publisher and you like one or more of the songs, please contact me. I hold exclusive rights to all songs.

I grew up in a small country town in eastern Connecticut. I’m now retired and working on my song catalog. For many years, I DJ’d a weekly radio show at WHUS, STORRS. My show was a tribute to the Great American Songbook. Please scroll down through the (8) pictures below to enjoy and play any complete song listed to the right of each picture. All songs are streamed for free for your enjoyment.

New Day – 2018
In this first set, Anthony Tabish and Kimaya Diggs, the duet singers for “On This New Kind of Wonderful Day,” get to each sing a song. Stephanie Sieggen finishes the set by singing a love song about going home to Houston, Texas after hurricane Katrina (2005), and then a song about a beautiful young girl. (Jazz/Country Style)
1. What Can I Do (To Bring Back The Sunshine)
2. The Moment I Saw Your Face
3. I’m Coming Home to Houston
4. Lydia Jean
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Music Always Makes Me Feel Happy – 2016

Kimaya and Stephanie are joined in this set by Max Berry, who sings the last song.  Kimaya opens the set and also sings the third song.  Stephanie takes her turn on “I’m So Tired of Make Believe.”

All of the songs in this set are about love lost and love hoped-for. (Jazz/Country Style) 

1. I Believe That I’m Falling in Love
2. I’m So Tired of Make Believe
3. This Love Could Be Ours
4. Lovely Little Linda
Vintage Phonograph Plays Music From By-Gone Era
Play That Love Song – 2016

In this set Max Berry, with his great musical arrangements, sings three of my songs.  Stephanie and Alan Franklin sing the last two songs about lost love. (Country Style)

1. Play That Love Song (One More Time)
2. Tell Me
3. Sorry Doesn't Help You
4. Maybe This Time (I’ll Be Gone)
5. Without a Woman
Band performs on stage
Our Musical Band – 2017

Kimaya sings Our Musical Band my tribute song to singers and musicians who perform on stage. Jason Dunn sings “Tiger, Tiger, Tiger” with an early rock feel. I started writing that song in the 1960’s. With Dan Prindle’s great musical arrangements, both songs were finished in 2018. Max sings two versions of my “love for singing” song. (Jazz/Country/Early Rock style)

1. Our Musical Band
2. Loving to Sing Keeps Me Happy
3. Loving to Sing Keeps Me Happy (Alternate Take)
4. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger
Mature Couple Walking on the Beach at Sunset
Holding Hands And Kissing – 2016

Max and Kimaya take turns on two different versions of the song “Holding Hands and Kissing.” Jason Dunn and Max each try their hand on a song inspired by my USMC boot camp graduation. This is my love for America song! (Country Style/Jazz)

1. Holding Hands and Kissing (While Walking on the Beach)
3. You and I and America
4. You and I and America (Alternate Take)
Golden Autumn Foliage
Seasons Change – 2016

Max Berry starts off this set with a song about love for the fall, then Donna-Lee DePrille shares her love with us on the song “It’s Christmas Time (Giving Lots of Love This Year).” Anthony Tabish returns singing a song about love in the Spring. My Fathers Day song, “My Favorite Action Hero,” finishes the set with Max singing. (General/Broadway Style)

1. With That Love With Both have For The Fall
2. It’s Christmas Time (Giving Lots of Love This Year)
3. Why Not It’s Spring
4. My Favorite Action Hero
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Loss with memories of Love – 2016

Sometimes a song just has to come out, as is the case with the song below, “I’ll Still Be in Your Heart.”  Max sings it, then on her iPhone, Cecilia Burns, Hospice Music Therapist recorded herself singing the song for me. As part of her job, she plays the guitar for her patients and families. Next, Jason Phillips sings about a lost son and Stephanie finishes the set with a nice country song. (General/Country Style)

1. I'll Still Be Here In Your Heart
2. I’ll Still Be Here In Your Heart” (Alternate Take)
3. Time to Love You More
4. There Once Was A Boy
5. What Am I Gonna Do (Without You)
caucasian happy romantic young  couple celebrating their marria
Marry The One Who Loves You – 2016

Love should be forever,  just like a good love song! Max and Stephanie finish this last set of tunes about love.  The songs in this set are some of my earliest. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You (I Just Do)” has always been a favorite song of mine. (Country Style)

1. With My Friendship That's Turned into Love
2. Wouldn't You Like to Fall in Love
3. Be My Lover - Be My Girl - Be My Friend
4. I Don’t Know Why I Love You (I Just Do)
5. Marry the One Who Loves You